Results NC

Increasing access to high-quality, actionable data for hospitals, health systems and health departments. 

Results NC leverages public and private partnerships across the state to establish a technology infrastructure that will collect, report and facilitate access to high-quality data for hospitals and health departments conducting Community Health Needs Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans. 

The core body of Results NC’s work centers around strengthening community health needs assessment infrastructure in North Carolina. It accomplishes this by offering trainings, resources, and technical assistance to local health departments and hospitals/health systems. Results NC’s work can be grouped into the following buckets:

Results Based Accountability (RBA Training) – is a disciplined way of thinking and acting to improve entrenched and complex social problems. Communities use RBA to improve the lives of children, youth, families and adults. It is also used by organizations to improve the effectiveness of their programs and services. Results NC partners with NC Area Health Education Centers (NC AHEC) and NC DHHS/Division of Public Health (DPH) to offer RBA trainings to people who lead and support initiatives to improve the lives of people in North Carolina, including community-based organizations, healthcare systems, health departments, community activists, and others.

Clear Impact Scorecard – Built using the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) framework, Scorecard is a web-based, performance management and reporting platform that can explain the collective impact of community health improvement work efficiently and effectively. Local health departments can use Scorecard to submit their Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPS) and State of the County Health Report (SOTCH) to NC DHHS/Division of Public Health. Hospitals can use Scorecard to demonstrate how they are acting on the needs identified by their community health needs assessment (requirement of IRS).

Healthy NC 2030 /NC State Health Improvement Plan – As part of Results NC’s work with RBA and Scorecard, it partners with NC AHEC and DPH on the creation and annual review of the North Carolina State Health Improvement Plan (NC SHIP). The NC SHIP was written using RBA and progress will be tracked using Scorecard.