Engaging Conversations and Breakfast with Mary Otto

Earlier this month, the NC Oral Health Collaborative hosted a key event in the advocacy for equitable oral health care.  In the halls of the Walnut Creek Wetland Center in Raleigh, a dialogue was created among more than 25 key stakeholders from the around the state, who convened to hear author Mary Ottto discuss her experiences researching and writing her novel Teeth.

 Zulayka Santiago, the Director of the NC Oral Health Collaborative, kicked off the event with a casual interview, which was followed by an open discussion. Ultimately, the attendees walked away with an understanding of how to apply the powerful lessons discussed to their own work in NC.

The NC Oral Health Collaborative is a Program of the Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation. The NC Oral Health Collaborative addresses oral health disparities by advancing known solutions that ensure access to quality dental care. For more information, please visit oralhealthnc.org.