Past Programs

The Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation serves as an administrative home for programs and partnerships focused on improving health. Sometimes, these programs or partnerships are limited in time to accomplish a particular objective, and other times, programs grow beyond the administrative capacity of the Foundation to form independent organizations. In either case, the Foundation is dedicated to identifying and addressing health needs in the most effective ways. Some notable programs that have grown out of the Foundation include:

Community Care of North Carolina

Community Care of North Carolina

The Community Care of North Carolina is an innovative statewide care management system organized and operated by community providers.

Through their public-private partnership, they bring together regional networks of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, health departments, and other community organizations. These professionals work together to provide cooperative, coordinated care through the Medical Home model. This approach matches each patient with a primary care physician who leads a health care team that addresses the patient’s health needs. With this approach, CCNC is transforming the delivery of healthcare in North Carolina by reducing costs, reducing hospital inpatient and emergency room utilization, and improving overall quality of care.


Allen Dobson Jr., President and CEO

Community Care of North Carolina, Inc
2300 Rexwoods Drive Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27607

The NC PACE Association Logo

NC PACE Association

The NC PACE Association supports the development, expansion, success and quality of PACE programs throughout North Carolina.

The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) provides care for medically fragile seniors whose conditions render them eligible for nursing home placement. By providing medical and social support, the PACE program offers a community-based alternative to nursing home care, allowing seniors with extensive health needs to remain at home and receive care at the PACE Center during the day. Independent national evaluations have found that the PACE model results in fewer hospitalizations, improved health status and greater quality of life.


Linda Shaw, Executive Director

NC PACE Association
2401 Weston Parkway, Suite 101B
Cary, NC 27513

Chronic Pain Initiative

Maggie Sauer
Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation

The Chronic Pain Initiative is a project funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust with matching funds from the NC Office of Rural Health. It is operated in partnership with Community Care of North Carolina.

The Chronic Pain Initiative, commonly known as Project Lazarus, is a community-wide response to managing chronic pain and addressing our country’s opioid epidemic. The program develops local coalitions to support community involvement in prevention and early intervention efforts and has produced clinical toolkits for dissemination which include guidelines for community action and education for assessing pain and prescribing medication safely. Click here for more information.

Medication Access and Review Program

Ginny Ingram
NC Office of Rural Health

The Medication Access and Review Program (MARP) is a web-based software program owned by the Foundation and operated by the NC Office of Rural Health and Community Care of North Carolina. Funding for the software program was provided by The Duke Endowment and the NC Health & Wellness Trust Fund.

Through MARP, North Carolina is a national leader in increasing access to free prescription medication programs for uninsured and underinsured patients. MARP software scans the prescription drug eligibility requirements of over 140 pharmaceutical companies representing more than 4000 medications, and populates and submits company-specific applications for which patients are a match. Since program inception in 2003, MARP has provided access to nearly $1.4 billion of medications for more than 35,000 patients from over 120 licensed locations in North Carolina. Click here for more information.