Center of Excellence for Integrated Care

The Center of Excellence for Integrated Care assists health systems integrate physical and behavioral health care services.

Too often, services for physical and behavioral health are poorly coordinated, COE-Teamleading to a lack of appropriate care for those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse. This lack of collaboration means primary care providers often must try to address unmet behavioral health needs with insufficient specialty back-up and information.

To improve the way those with behavioral health disorders receive treatment, health care systems across the country have started to emphasize whole-person care by developing and implementing integrated care models. These models have not only proven to improve health outcomes and quality of life, but can also help increase access to care and reduce overall costs.

The Center of Excellence for Integrated Care is a program of the Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation that assists health systems to integrate their physical and behavioral healthcare. Using evidence-based approaches customized to fit local needs, COE serves as a resource for assessment, training, and technical assistance to a variety of organizations. 

Currently, the team works with more than 30 sites and programs, such as primary care offices, clinics and hospitals, community collaboratives, school-based health centers, and local government organizations.

Program Contact:
Amelia Muse, Director