Bernstein Scholars

The Jim and Sue Bernstein Health Center Scholarship Program provides scholarships to families employed in North Carolina’s rural health clinics.

Jim Bernstein, the Foundation’s founder and first president, dedicated his life and work to improving healthcare in rural communities across North Carolina. An innovator and a motivator, he served as a role model to others in how to address some of the most difficult rural health care challenges.

Development of the Bernstein Scholars Program

As a part of Jim’s commitment and effort to improve rural health, he helped to establish a network of 81 community-based clinics and centers across North Carolina. These clinics not only provide rural communities with better access to healthcare, but also offer basic healthcare to all patients, regardless of ability to pay. Being involved in the creation of these centers, Jim understood the importance of the contributions made to the community by the clinic staff, and in an effort to give back, he began the Jim and Sue Bernstein Health Center Scholarship Program.

Bernstein Scholars Program Today

Awarded annually, these scholarships help to relieve some of the financial burden on 20 eligible centers and their employees by helping to pay for both the clinical education of rural clinic staff members and the college education of their dependent in any area of interest.

Scholarship recipients are selected by the Jim Bernstein Health Leadership Committee, a committee made up of members of Foundation’s Board of Directors and friends and family of Jim Bernstein.

Since its inception in 2006, more than $75,000 has been awarded among 52 scholars representing 9 health centers.

To view our past scholarship recipients, click here.

Eligible Health Centers

The following is a list of health centers currently eligible to participate in the Bernstein Scholarship Program:

  • Bakersville Community Health Center
  • Benson Area Medical Center
  • Black River Health Services
  • Boomer Medical Center
  • Celo Health Center
  • Clay Comprehensive Health Services
  • CLECO Health Services
  • Duplin Medical Association
  • Engelhard Medical Center
  • Granville Medical Center
  • Hot Springs Health Program
  • Mountain View Medical Center
  • Mt Olive Family Medicine Center
  • Ocracoke Health Center
  • OIC of Rocky Mount
  • Robeson Health Care Corporation
  • Rural Health Group
  • Tyrrell Rural Health Association
  • West Caldwell Health Council