Our Approach

We Build Leadership.

We identify and recognize diverse leadership, and through modeling and training, we build upon the strengths of leaders and equip them to guide positive change in their communities.

We Affect Policy.

We educate and connect community leaders and policy makers to develop impactful solutions to barriers in our health sector.

We Shape Practice.

With a team-based approach, we use evidence-based strategies to improve current health practices.

We Drive Innovation.

Through strategic customization of existing practices and the organic creation of new ideas, we address challenges in the rapidly-evolving healthcare environment.

At the Foundation, innovation means:

  • Developing unique strategies that build upon and leverage existing systems and resources.
  • Forging alliances across diverse sectors, stakeholders, and communities.
  • Adapting to the changing healthcare environment through practice and policy.
  • Creating new tools and ideas that increase access to care.
  • Engaging and supporting leaders in the communities we serve.
  • Addressing whole-person health, using a whole-community approach.