About Us

We envision healthy communities where all people flourish.

Launched in 1982 under the leadership of James D. Bernstein, the Kids in the GardenFoundation for Health Leadership & Innovation is a nonprofit organization that envisions healthy communities across North Carolina where everyone can flourish.

FHLI develops and supports innovative partnerships that build a healthier North Carolina through collaboration and respect. With a long history in the state — and a deep understanding of its health care needs — FHLI scales solutions that benefit the entire state. FHLI staff are thought leaders and experts who bring communities together for a better, healthier North Carolina.


FHLI develops and supports innovative programs and partnerships that advance affordable and sustainable quality health services that improve the overall health of communities in North Carolina and beyond.


  • Everyone has a right to health care.
  • Health encompasses the whole-person.
  • Healthy individuals come from healthy communities.
  • Care should be delivered in a manner that is collaborative, efficient, compassionate, respectful, and effective.
  • Healthcare systems belong to and are shaped by the communities they serve.